Easter sunset 2015

I have struggled with this before, capturing the sun setting behind one of the Seven Sisters in the Derryveagh Mountains but my previous attempts last year were hampered by the ever so inappropriate positioned clouds.

Twice a year, shortly after the spring equinox and just before the autumn one, the sun is setting behind this mountain rage. But delayed by bad weather, I only caught on this occasion the last of the Sisters, Muckish Mountain, which is still an improvement, considering the prior results.

If at any stage Grianán may have functioned as an observatory, a devise for determine time, than the sunsets behind those unmistakably mountains perhaps could have functioned as a notable notch on the clock.

April, 6 – Take 1 and so close.




April 7 – Take 2 and the sun is setting right on the southern slope but not just yet on the plateau and near the cairn.


April, 9 – Take 3




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