Spring Equinox 2013

A hazy sun rose this morning but a sun nevertheless.
And although having seen the marvel of this alignment already twice, it still creates amazement, as if it may not appear on this occasion.
Even so, a longer then usual winter, artic winds and seemingly eternal grey skies, made this break a very fortunate one, leaving one wondering about arrangements and conclusions made, in times of distant past, when this occurrence would have been of a much profounder importance. Would there have been consequences in the minds of the community at large, if not even a faint beam of light could be observed? Would the gathered seen it as a sign? Or did they had a similar contingency plan of two days before, the day itself and two days after, to be more suitable and hence successful in our uncertain northern weather.

Establishing the point of sun set remains illusive with weather warnings given today again for Donegal. The small window to the sky closed shortly after leaving. The grip of winter will not loosen.

8 thoughts

  1. fantastic i was there this morning and it was a great thing to see, i’d love to talk to the german lady who was there to talk more about it my face book name is ninjapete,

    • That would have been me, Peter. And so would I. Is Ninjapete Mc Granaghan your FB page? It is sometimes rather difficult to recognise people with so much covering and clothing, when met on the hill.

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