Grianán’s Day

People make monuments. These ‘venerable piles of stones’, no matter how old or how elaborate, require efforts to elevate them into such position twice. The ingenuity and passion of their erection alone, does not guarantee neither survival nor remembrance. It has be left to the generations to come, not just to accommodate them within an ever changing environment but also within their hearts and minds and perhaps even claim them as a part of themselves, so that their stones do not only echo fading memories but the sound of future beginnings.
Such day had come.
And nothing like it had been seen since June 29, 1878 and the celebrations held, marking Dr. Walter Bernard’s restoration.
It was a day unlikely to be improved upon, except perhaps, a few more rays of the great Grian herself and slightly warmer winds. Such an abundance of remarkable virtues and talents on display left one wanting to be able to return to these moments, be it only for a chance to see all.

Giants from the Inishowen Carnival Group

David O'Reilly - charioteer

The chariot

Brendan Roof and Charlie Gallagher

On the smithy' Eireann Edge

Archer from Eireann Edge

The king's chair

Sword and shield

A Braveheart moment Lough Swilly style

Going home

... in style with David Reilly and his chariot

Greenan Hill, May 20, 2012


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