A poem from 1969

Written as part of a school project.
By JG, age 12.

Grianan of Aileach

On a lonely hill does Grianan stand
Where it overlooks the sea and land,
Prince Owen and his men did spy
All enemies that advanced nearby.

And when the battle was over and done
Owen’s men feasted and had fun,
And then in peace Owen would reign
Until the fort was attacked yet again.

St Patrick one day did visit that place,
And converted the Pagan’s to the Christian race,
Turning to Aongus he blessed him and said
“You shall have the power to change the bread”.

There in that castle made of stone,
Lived young Aongus and Prince Owen,
Eventually Prince Owen died and passed away
But young Aongus continued to pray.

In time a church was built in Burt
In likeness t’was built to that old fort
After Aongus the church was named
And for being modern it is famed !


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