Four maybes

Nearly straight upwards from the third stone in the row lie scattered four more suspicious stone which may amount to four more possible standing stones. Will measure them next time when winds are less lethal. Sometimes standing alone proofed to be a challenge without holding on to paper, pencil and measurement tape. Being bold would have come in handy.
All stones are within sight of each other and seem to form some sort of rough L-shape in their present positions. Maybe they were originally markers to guide down to the stone row but the terrain is very rugged and uneven and shows now no signs of any path.
Again, all stones are within sight of each other.

First stone, standing in commanding position and can been seen from below.

View towards Elaghmore and Lough Foyle. Stone ‘2’ can be seen.

Stone ‘1’ overlooking Inch Island and Lough Swilly. The row of the three standing stones is just below.

View towards the Seven Sisters.

Stone ‘2’

Stone ‘2’ towards Inch and Swilly.

View towards the hills of Donegal. Stone ‘2’

Stone ‘3’ towards Fahan and the Lisfannon Hills with stone ‘2’ in sight.

Stone ‘3’  laying in the field.

Stone ‘3’ towards Golan Hill.

View towards Inch and Swilly.

Stone ‘1’ is visible in left hand corner.

Stone ‘4’

Stone ‘4’

Photos taken September 28.


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