Row of three standing stones

In the channel between two small rock outcrops on the western slope of Greenan Hill remains a row of three standing stones. The alignment of these stones runs east-westwards, their broad face northwest – south-eastwards. The first and largest stone measured 4 feet 7 inches wide, 3 feet 3 inches high and 5 – 5½ inches thick.

The second stone lies at a distance of circa 35 m and is 2 feet 11 inches wide, 1 foot 10 inches high and 5 inches thick.

Stone number three is circa 55 m away from number two and 3 feet 9 inches wide, 2 feet high and at its widest point 1 feet 3 inches thick.


The northern slope of the hill is low enough for a rising sun over the Foyle to fall on the row, perhaps summer solstice. Attempting to find out will prove rather difficult, staggering through bumpy fields and across barbed and below electric wire in the dark. Perhaps coming down from the ancient road may be the safer and only option.

There are two entries in Brian Lacey’s Archaeological Survey of County Donegal.

OS 47:6:6 (421 373) 23 OD 507-607 C367203
A standing stone, leaning to E, and c. 1m high x 1.4m wide at base x .27m thick; N-S. Situated in boggy terrain on the crest of a ridge.
p. 88

(I wouldn’t describe neither of the three stones as sitting “on the crest of a ridge”.)

OS 47:6:5 (387 348) 14 OD 507-607 C363200
There is no trace of the “Standing Stone” marked on the 1st edition of the OS map. Situated on fairly rough marshy pasture land sloping down to NW.
p. 96

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