Belated summer solstice

It came quite close, of this year being the first without a visit to the hill within two days either way of the summer solstice for lack of sun. At the end of June 20, some people set their alarm clock for a disturbingly early hour in the morning of the following day. As far as I know, they all went back to bed. Some members of the Buncrana Camera Club went the day before and were rewarded with the rise of the sun, not far away from the spot she finally closed her eye a few hours earlier. And most likely, at her awakening, set the Foyle alight. It must have been a sight to behold.
This evening the cloud cover broke, promising to stay this way for a reasonable amount of time, allowing me to get to the hill before any short lived glimpse of the most remarkable sun sets would shroud itself as if it were for reasons of public decency.

There is one beautiful occurrence emerging – the people coming to this spot between day and night, appreciating a most magnificent grandeur as much as each others company.

The best of tonight.


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