The missing link

Text removed. 

Since the problem, I tried to address, very much remains an integral part of the fabric of this community, I would have preferred to leave this post but it attracted a few visitors with no interest in Greenan, research or any of my findings so far. This is met with no appreciation and whatever may lie behind this newly found curiosity into my blog, does not appear to have the same intentions.

But it took me back to the day, which must be by now more then 30 years ago, as I poured my heart out in utter frustration to my teacher Mrs. Wagner over the sheer extent of ignorance amongst my class mates for anything outside their own lives. Her answer was short. “They are the only people you have.” There never will be a new set of people just to suit me more conveniently and if I wish to change their attitude or opinion, I need to learn to work with them. No cold shoulder, no putting down, no patronising. And even after three decades, this is still work in progress.


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