Lines that had been drawn

It is nearly a year now, since I found this rock. And I still don’t know, what its markings mean or when they were made. There are neither ogham nor runic, more a little bit of both. As if this place had its own unique language.

“The first letter” has no equivalent anywhere so far. It seems that the first stroke made was from left to the upper right corner. Then the one from top right to bottom right. Next perhaps the deep cut through the middle and the straight line on its left. The small one, second from the right, might have been the last one drawn.

The writing above in its second line is M\….HINNY. – Good planter stock as I was told. And it did reminded me of the writing carved into a stone at Lisfannan Hills. R.M. 1661. The Inishowen map by Hollar/Parson is strangely enough dated the same year.

There has been no mentioning of any markings, carvings or inscriptions in either Blacker’s or Colby’s description and the 1830’s were the golden years for recording and reporting such occurrences. No word in Dr. Bernard’s account. Nothing in Mabel Colhoun‘s, Harry P. Swan’s or Dr. Brian Lacey’s publications. Only today I found another rock with lines, not far from the first one. Sadly, the light was leaving and I made my way home with it.


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