A short note to the Easter Sunday walk

I attempted today to walk from The Three Flowers restaurant, which is located on the Derry/Buncrana road and just below Aileach Mor Hill across this road (400 centuries ago still a bog) towards Grianán, to see if I could find traces of the ancient road connecting the seat of royal power with the spirit at its heart. The entire journey, no doubt, would have been more a day trip then two hours and, very much like myself, travellers of the past would have stopped at the remainders and markings along this path. And there are so many of them.
Needles to say, I did not even made it half way and Grianán , still a considerable distance away, was my last point on the horizon to the west. Holywell Hill appeared closer as I turned back. Looking at the map and taking into account that this is air distance only, that may have been actually the case.
It was the most unusual afternoon; not by sight but by what I heard. Finding suspicious stone piles, where I suspect the ancient road to have run, can be expected. Hearing that this area was and is still hunted by evil spirits, witches, the devil himself, sacrificed children, born to the unmarried, and the effect it has on today’s living is not something, which entered even remotely my mind. And for tonight, and most likely some time to come, I will be left to ponder, realistically with little or no chance of figuring it all out, which now seems to reach deeply into the realm of religion and faith, leaving me truly stranded on unknown soil.
If, and putting the everything is the result of something that went before theory entirely aside, this encounter today was a coincidence, than even by such effectless measurements, experiencing such fight of the faiths on Easter Sunday, would make it a remarkable one indeed.


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