With many thanks to John

Determined not to hit the brakes under any circumstances in the most treacherous bend on Greenan Hill, covered with ice and snow, is one thing, reflexes by habit another. As a result my car got out of control and went like a shot through the bank beside the road. It should have tipped over at this stage for the first time.

Just as I managed to get out another car came down and stopped. I am quite certain that I will not find the words to express my astonishment nor gratitude for what happened next.

It was a mission impossible rescue.

The man, who came out of that car, was by divine intervention and foresight armed with rope and shovel. He dug my car out, he pulled my car out from both directions, wheels were hanging in the air and it looked on more than one occasion, as if it would just fall over on its side for good. But it didn’t. And with his tremendous ability and determination he got the car, very straight, back on the road.

It must haven taken him nearly a hour. Safe and sound back home, car include, it still remains a mystery to me, how on earth he could have possibly manage to pull this off and my car from this bank.

‘Oh ye of little faith.’

With deep appreciation and great admiration – thank you so much, John.


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