Between Aileach and a hard place

My letter to the editor was not published but our councillors seem to have finally gotten hold of information they all lacked so badly last week. One even ‘attributed the problems to the break up of the state body Duchas’. Now they are all puffing and shoving for votes in the upcoming election for the European Parliament, using the old Grianan of Aileach as one of their pawns to play determination with. But since none of them has even a basic knowledge of the history of Inishowen, never mind interest, they are talking out of their depths and their behind. Neither has one of them ever been known for calling in at least an archaeological survey in a highly sensitive area of rich historical background before the JCBs moved in, nor did any of them stopped the destruction of beautiful architecture or landscapes.

Their rather outlandish upheaval to aid and promote the ailing monument most likely is going to be in vain. Chances are, that by the time Donegal County Council gets something done for Inishowen, a section of the wall has collapsed or is in the process of being taken down and rebuild again by the Office of Public Works. Besides, I cannot see for the life of me, why the Office of Public Works would want to ‘maximise the tourism potential’ of this site, knowing well, what has to happen.

The thought crossed my mind to support our fine councillors in their honourable task. Shame though, that all will get very quite once the votes have been cast.


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