Possible contestant for crowning stone at Grianán

At the beginning of this year I finally started to walk the rest of the hill and surroundings, away from the sad sight of concrete fillings, and came, not really surprisingly, across a few suspicious stone compilations. Amongst them was in one a large slab with what looked like two left foot imprints. Although I know of Columba’s Stone in the garden of Belmont House in Derry and its reputation of being the inauguration stone of the Kings of Aileach, it did not occur to me until some days ago that there might be another contender to this claim. It dawned on me as I saw a photo of the crowning stone of the Scots kings of Dál Riata on Wikipedia that this stone may have been used for this purpose. If that should be the case, it would raise the question of who’s crowning stone the one at Belmont is.






2 thoughts

  1. i have come across a few of these stones before, however, this one i have not seen, any chance of showing me where it is. In return i could possibly answer a few of the questions you have posed on other pages of this site.

    • Hallo Sean,
      That would be wonderful. Maybe you could help to establish if the stone is firmly attached to the hill or loose. If the latter is the case than the stone might not be in its original position and could have come from higher up the slope, perhaps even the summit, putting it in a much more likely place for a crowning stone.
      All the best wishes,

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