Grianan Aileach lost National monument status

And so very quietly. Some time ago. No one really knows when. No one really cares. No outcry. No rage nor anger. Not even a single question: Why? – is raised. Absolute silence.

In a statement to the Inish Times George Moir, press officer, OPW, “said they had a valid reason for omitting Grianán of Aileach from the national list“. Not that one is given or ever has been.

What was once put in place to protect the remaining riches of a ever struggling past is now being dismantled piece by piece. One small step in the overall scheme of proceedings in motion. A big one towards Grianan’s fall. The hotel is coming.


March 27


“And we, spectators, always, everywhere,

turning towards all and never beyond!

It overwhelms us. We arrange it. It falls apart.

We arrange it again and fall apart ourselves. “

Rainer Maria Rilke, Achte Duineser Elegie, 1922


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