The weather is still too cold and unpredictable to venture into the hills and visit my ‘secret’ site again. Looking at the photos I took the day I stumbled over this site, I know that it will be a learning process. Like Grianan Aileach; every time it collapses or parts of its wall are replaced, I become aware of what I missed to photograph the last time. Although and so far the sheer amount of this visual intake never failed to be still rather overwhelming.

None of the councillors from the Inishowen electorate were able to gather the courtesy to send a short message and inform me, if the meeting with the OPW representative took place, despite that I sent them an email with this request and asked for the second consecutive year for financial support for a Grianan Aileach seminar with Dr. Brian Lacey as main speaker. Only Pádraig McLochlainn (SF) allocated money, as he did last year.

Speaking to a friend today, who escaped death caused by a serious illness only recently, has added even more weight and strength to my inability to give up or in. And I am very privileged to have met people throughout my life, who have been in every sense of the word a true and sincere inspiration.

Monday night was very cold and we had some snow, mainly on the hills for a few hours. Since I can’t be certain of the extent of damage done to the gate, it is difficult to predict, what will happen and when but I expect a collapse of this section or another closure of the monument for this year to carry out repairs.

It is a very bad time for build heritage in Ireland indeed. What has survived the raids of the Normans and the rage of Cromwell is now finally exterminated for short term and very bad one at that solutions to feed mainly the greed of some and satisfy, also short term, the needs of the majority to pretend progress.


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