Ripple effect

More and more often I find now in the early hours of the morning a newspaper squeezed through my letterbox. Sometimes with a wee note “see page 23”. One week ago around this time of night the doorbell rang as if the Vikings raided, followed by a very shrill phone. Only to have it going off again first thing next morning. – Grianan made it to the frontpage. And sounding the alarm was a great neighbour of mine and my best friend. After all this furore I checked my email which I had blissfully ignored for thirty odd hours and found that a reporter from the Derry Journal was looking for me the previous day. It would have been good, if they may have used photos of mine. But I am not sorry, that I missed the opportunity to find myself jumping out of a paper. I just can’t imaging, what good that would do.
Anyway. The local representatives of the Inishowen electorate are now “in a rage”, seven years later, about the “unacceptable” length of repair works at Grianan Aileach. I have heard more than once this last week, that ‘everything comes to those who wait’. Even if I would not necessary put it this way myself. On the other hand, the next 2 to 3 years will tell, if Grianan Aileach will be given a fighting chance for survival once again or if it will fall this time for good. I just can’t see anyone in hundred, two hundred years time tearing down whatever is going to replace this special site and start from scratch all over again with Dr. Bernard’s report to the proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy as blueprint in his hands. But than, I might be wrong.
For now, it is wait and see while creating the base for a ripple under the surface.


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