Take a picture while you can

The devouring grasp of a from dust to diamond in ten years people is closing in, unquestioned, with not a thought to spare and for good. What would have been worth keeping, what would have been essential to keep, to maintain at least some of the illusion that pieces of the chronicle of the Irish people could be found in Ireland, true touchable traces, breathtaking skills, an unbroken spirit – is going, going, gone. The last unspoilt bastions of grandeur, coherency and dignity are photographed for use in later advertisements. When the original is no more descendants of emigrants will build their own, painstakingly but nevertheless wishful thinking version abroad. And the RTE archives will get more than just a good dusting. The hunt will be on for every last bit of footage of the disposable past for window dressing. Still trying to make a few quit from the dead horse. An apprehended goose chase for images to invite visitors although one is already hard pressed, finding those green, green fields and hills, sloping in on you just for laughs, mounted by skies; you’ve never seen before and drenched, down to its last grain, in events yet fully to be discovered.Grianan is rebuilt to collapse, so that one fine day it will be considered to be unfeasible to restore such a fragile monument for much longer. One lucky developer and Fianna Fail supporter will get the land, since it has been already acquired and put into the care of the state by the Land Commission decades ago. My guess is that they build hotel number two in the shape of Grianan Aileach. One is already on the foot of the hill. However I can not help but wonder, how feasible that could be in the long run with visitor numbers dwindling, since what they came for to see and was used to lure them in, is just not there anymore. Remembering the miserable summers far too well we had for the last years, I would be also quietly confident, that the weather is no keeper either. I can not see anyone coming here never mind staying for a week or two, if every last, possible spot is covered with un-telling new builds, you still would find annoying in warm sunshine because heritage and tradition was promised in the brochure and you could have saved yourself the trip and money by just stepping outside your own front door. And as far as Buncrana is concerned, building a shopping centre on the shore front with the exact ingredients you find everywhere else in a town with a very long standing tradition of going to Derry for this purpose can not be seriously considered as visitor attraction.At the moment, everything what is in the way of even a chance of an indecent amount of money making has to go. Buildings and sites of historic interest drop like flies. Irreparable damage has been already done to the unique complex of the Tara Valley to force an out of time and tolled motorway through. A survey for County Donegal concluded that in ten to fifteen years time there won’t be anymore remains of the past or historic sites left to visit, including Grianan Aileach. I have no doubt, the situation is similar across the country. Ireland severs all links to its past and it is not even for an explainable attempt for negative attention.The future looks grim.


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