A few thoughts in the eleventh hour

Ireland seems to have become a place, where all walls are moving in simultaneously and with barely a gap left to breath. As if in one last and mighty attempt of the great greed, every possible drop has to be squeezed out of the little remaining resources, no matter what the consequences will be. The most painful aspect of this act is to watch the destruction and knowing that not only something irreplaceable has gone to the insatiable gluttony of a few but that we are also the ones, who are paying. Today, tomorrow and for a very long time to come. Meanwhile, the throat cuts are high and try and get away.And there is a wrath growing from deep down, spreading, getting heavier, clouding every single joy of life. Maybe even turning us into something we were never meant nor set out to be. Leaving us only with a choice between the sheep for slaughter and the bull, destined for the same. That sucks seriously.The foundation of the Heritage Protection Alliance Of Ireland started of with all the best intentions but was never heard of since. However something is needed as an umbrella organisation and a voice to be reckoned with. A tool combining every last single issue concerning the rape and destruction of heritage and its untimely departure on the whole of this island. After all, there are people trying in so many places and as good as they can give to hold their fort, their ground, with no backup in sight. So, why not fight them together on as many fronts we have?I understand, that combining forces here, is asking for the impossible and is a most draining and unsatisfactory task. Those in power and in charge of enriching themselves even further at our cost are united. Reiterating it more to myself then to anyone else – so should we, equalising the field.Where I am now, numb and overwhelmed by an absolute display of arrogance and utter authority, with all this anger, frustration and disenchantment, what comes with standing alone and the feeling, that it makes no difference, even if I stood up, because they are just going through me, as if I was nothing at all, at most, something uncomfortable beneath their feet but a far cry away from its sincere need and intentions, makes me asking again, in effort to go on, for everyone to come together.If we fail to do so, everything will have been in vain.


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