Marked for further slaughter

Grianan was closed temporarily yesterday morning. Nothing serious and the workers let two American tourists in.

As I arrived in the afternoon, I found white paint markings on the top of the inside wall facing Inishowen. On the Stone Page forum it was suggested, that the Office of Public Works are going to reinforce this section of the wall. If this is the case, then the wall will be taken down again and Grianan Aileach would be at least partially closed to the public. Also again. Shrouded in mystery, as usually, it won’t be easy to find out, what their plans are and if further work can be expected this year.

I also found a third stone with the tar marks Dr. Walter Bernard made in 1874 on the heap of leftover stones. And I can’t help wondering, how many more stones will be discarded and disappear as a result of even more concrete being poored into this monument.

The Billeting of stones 21st century style








































































                                          Photos taken May 21, 2007


One thought

  1. Grianan has become more and more deteriorated over the years which will eventually leave it unsafe for tourists and ourselves to visit. The Office of Public Works main priority is to keep this historic monument in good condition, walls have been taken down and rebuilt to ensure safety of the visitors so it can be enjoyed long in to the future. There are archeologists on site which im sure are well equipped to recognise stones which are of great historic importance so as far as I can see the Office of Public Works are doing a good job. I heard you recently on the radio and it led me to wonder what qualifies you to be able to tell them what they are doing is wrong?

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