Grianan Aileach’s gate is facing “sudden collapse”

Desperate times ask for contemporary measures.

So here we go – Grianan Aileach has it’s very own blog. But for all the wrong reasons.
















Danger sign from 2004. The warning is real.

In the forum on Stone Pages a stone mason called “a section of wall with 14 courses where the joints weren’t covered” “a massive inherent weakness” (post#33).

The mentioned section is inside the gate.

Photo taken April 29, 2007

“…the joints/gaps between the stones have not been covered by the stones on the next course above. This continues for 4 or 5 courses in places, any section of wall with a gap like this over a number of courses is likely in my humble opinion to collapse all of a sudden.”

Photos taken May 12, 2007


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